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White Condo

Another fun project and full remodel. We salvaged the cabinets in the kitchen with fresh white paint, but that is all that stayed. New trim, doors, floor and countertops were needed and of course, new light fixtures. A full facelift made this condo feel brand new. They walked in and were speechless!



The cabinets were in great condition. We saved on cost by painting them white for a brighter look. New quartz countertops & appliances make this kitchen feel brand new.


Living Room

The green fireplace clashed with the neutral tones of the home. A new stone fireplace with matching tones on the wall tied the whole room together. New trim and warm flooring created a much updated and harmonious space.


Mismatched counters, walls and hardware gave the bathroom an unwelcome feeling. By matching new tim, flooring, light fixtures, countertops, sink and mirror, the bathroom became an understated and comfortable place to be.   

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